Crimson Tide Speech

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Can you name the Crimson Tide Speech Gene Hackman gives right before they enter the sub?

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there's trouble in
So they called us. And we're
over there, and bringing the most
ever devised. We're
of launching more firepower, than has ever been released in the
For one purpose alone: To keep our
safe. We constitute the
line, and the
line of
I expect and
your very best.. Anything less - you should've joined
This might be our Commander-in-Chief's
but this is my
And all I ask is that you
up with me. And if you can't, that
you'll be feeling in the
of your
will be my
in your
Yes Sir! You're
of the
of this
Aren't you Mr.
sir! It bears a
name. Doesn't it Mr. Cob
It represents
people. Very
Who live in a fine
In the
country in the
in the
And what is that name, Mr. Cob?
And what do we say?!
Chief of the boat:
Dismiss the crew!
Crew, department heads, attend to your department.

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