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Guess who the person is by the quote
'Phil Collins is pivotal to American music history. I'm prude and don't weigh 150 soaking wet'
'I have tiny forearms and and constantly roam around in hallways'
'I have peaked with girls, and can only rep 225 once ??????'
'Who wants to see my pecs dance?'
'Im packing so much heat I'll melt your house, then proceed to look at E-trade'
'Good. Good. I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. Then I shampoo my excessive amount of eye hair'
'I bow to Fernando Torres in Fifa, despite being Inter'
'I've always considered myself a bit of a one man wolfpack.'
'Right now, I'm video chatting someone i will never again see while I listen to Fleet foxes'
'I'm the awkward kid standing in the corner of photos, I miss you Lauren, I swear, Christy meant nothing to me it was purely physical.'

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