Things that Cal Hates

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Can you name the Various people, words, and songs that really irk Cal ?

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English Band Who Sang 'Invisible Touch'
Attire Girls Wear During Exams
Synonym for 'Crucial'
Happens When you have Cal Thigh Sweat
Expression About progressing to Higher Education
Expression About Weight
NBC Sunday Night Football Co-Announcer
Phenomonon Danny has mastered in Madden
Beatles Hit from Let it Be
Beatles Hit from Revolver
Popular Sean Kingston Song
Those who are very opinionated politically
Punctuation Mark
It's Possible
Former Cubs middle infielder under Dusty Baker
Temporary Character on 'Friends'
When females get upset and show it
Movie about two guys who cop a sack often
Opened for Bob Dylan
Cubs Rival
Cubs Rival
Phrase asociated with a popular Dodgers left fielder
John Lennon's second wife
Commander in Chief on 24
Disapointing Outcome after a visit to the lakeside deli
Type of Soup that doesn't agree with cal
Smoothie Joint responsible fo Cal's stomach woes
Bitch who hates on the pecs
Tree Huggers
Singer of 'I Love College,' loved by douchebags everywhere
eg Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Onions
The Dark Age
Consequence of Coppin a sack
Could You want her anymore? Who? _____
Location of hicks searching for lost thermoses
Annoying droning whines
Wears a pick on his forehead
Techno Song by Basshunter
Meg's Favorite Show
Meg's Other Favorite Show
Modern Classical Language
Worst Half of a movie in history

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