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The religious group that lived with the Hurons in New France
Central American native group conquered by Cortez
Absolute Ruler of France. The Sun King
Separatism, State-building, and unification are types of this
Native group in modern-day Peru.
Who formed the 1st and 2nd Estate. (Use the word 'and' between groups)
Who led the Haitian Revolution? (full name required)
1In order to cleanse France of its enemies, the Committee of Public Safety starts a __________________, where many 'enemies' are guillotined.
This monarch wanted to modernize Russia. He forced many Russians to cut their beards and wear European clothing.
First European group to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to North America
Belief that rulers were God's representative on Earth
Place all the first letters of the answers into one word (10 letters long - it is gibberish)

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