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Album released by John and Yoko that featured one side of John and Yoko screaming at each other
The music video for this song features John and Yoko listening to objects with stethoscopes
Close friend and former Beatle who died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1962
1974 hit single recorded with Sir Elton John
1965 sequel to his 1964 short story book
Primary caregiver throughout his childhood
Date of Death
Guitar used by John in the early years with the Beatles
Book writtten in 1964 of short stories and pictures
Hit single off his second solo album
Album released in 1972 that featured songs about John Sinclair, and Attica State
Home studio in Tittenhurst Park where he recorded most of his songs
Protest song written by John that became the anthem of the Anti-War Movement
Band formed with his pals Paul, George, and Ringo
Cause of Death
Talk show on which he was a frequent guest
Time he spent estranged from Yoko and worked on the Walls and Bridges album
Oldest son
Second wife until his death
Woman he had a relationship with during a break with his second wife
His first wife until their divorce in 1968
His middle name
Band founded with local schoolfriends in the mid 1950's
Last album before his death
Scandalous album released by John and Yoko featuring them nude on the cover.
Location of Birth
Youngest son
Band formed with Yoko Ono and Klaus Voorman in 1968

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