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a seat-belt
a Hovercraft
a Train
a rear-view mirror
a Canoe
a Motorcycle
a Taxi
a Tractor
a radiator
a Submarine
an Underground train
a Bullock-cart
a spare wheel
a Sailing boat
an Aeroplane
an Ambulance
a Vehicle
a car door
a Trishaw
a Ship
a Bus
a Bicycle
a horn
a Coach
a Barge/junk
a Boat
a Jeep
an engine
a Car
a tyre
a Helicopter
a Ferry
a Scooter
a Motor car
a Motor boat
a headlight
a battery
a windscreen wiper
a can of oil
a brake
a steering wheel
a Lorry
a Cable car
a Tanker
a Fire engine
a Van

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