Political Entities which have controlled Ukraine

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YearsPolitical EntityRegions Controlled
8th Century BC - 2nd Century BCSouth and East
6th Century BC - 168 BCBlack Sea Coast
Late 1st Century BC - Late 3rd Century ADBlack Sea Coast
2nd Century AD - Early 3rd Century ADNorth and West
5th CenturyAll of Modern Ukraine at Greatest Extent in 453
5th Century - 14th Century IntermittentlyBlack Sea Coast
Late 7th Century - 965All Except parts of Zakarpatia and Lviv
833-902Parts of Zakarpattia, Lviv Oblasts
882-13th CenturyAll except Crimea and Far Southeastern
1204-1261. 1296-1307Caffa (Fedosiya) on Black Sea Coast
1240s-1502East South
14th century-1569North, West
14th century-1569Galicia
YearsPolitical EntityRegions Controlled
1441-1783Southern Ukraine
15th Century-1856Crimea/Black Sea Coast
16th Century-1721North and Eastern Ukraine
1569-1795Central, Northern, Western Ukraine
1649-1764Southern and Eastern Ukraine
1721-1917All but Western portion
1917 (March 15- November 7)All Areas Russian Empire Controlled
1917 - 1921All but Crimea and Southern regions
1918 (April 29 - December 14)All but Far western and Far Eastern
1918-1920Donetsk Oblast
1919-1991Modern Borders After 1954

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