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Character Background info
 Helped breach the Presidents Office
 18 Year Old Medic
 R.P.D Chief
 Creator of 'Umbrella'
 Creator of the J'avo and 'Neo-Umbrella'
 Leader of S.T.A.R.S
 B.S.A.A's Top Sniper
 Creator of the G-Virus
 Mercenary and host to the C-Virus Anti-body
 B.S.A.A of Africa
Character Background info
 President Of U.S and Assassinated
 R.P.D Rookie
 Injected with a G-Virus Embryo
 Killed the Nemesis
 Wife of the G-Virus Creator
 Killed Wesker & B.S.A.A Captain
 Creator of the C-Virus 'Zombies'
 Sister of Chris

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