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League of Legends
To kill minions
To take minions as a form of payment for a favor
Out of mana (abbv.)
Health or Mana Potions
To leave a game out of anger
To beat someone solely because of skill
A Critical Strike or Critical Strike Chance (abbv.)
Bottom lane (abbv.)
Area of effect (abbv.)
Health Points (abbv.)
Dragon (Europe)
Basic Attack
Surrender (old abbv.)
Damage per second (abbv)
To score the killing blow on a unit
Regeneration (abbv.)
Damage over time (abbv.)
Crowd control (abbv)
Killsteal (abbv.)
To get enemies away from a teammate under attack
To lure an enemy into a trap
Quit Complaining (abbv.)
To lock in a champion immediately after selecting him/her
Public Beta Environment (abbv)
Set of Items
Damage (abbv.)
To make stronger
To weaken (through game updates)
Overpowered (abbv.)
Bad game (abbv.)
Having lots of defenses
Inhibitor (abbv.)
Attack Damage Carry (abbv.)
Please (abbv.)
Good game (abbv.)
Crest of the Ancient Golem
Missing in Action (abbv.)
To destroy enemy structures while they aren't paying attention
Recall (abbv.)
To fake as if you're going one way while going another
To kill someone almost instantly
Ward that reveal stealthed units
Experience (abbv.)
Rating system used in LoL
Someone who does lots of damage
Having little defenses
To activate a passive effect
To advance down a lane
To walk into a bush without knowing if there are enemies hidden in it
To advance down a lane apart from the rest of your team
Cooldown reduction (abbv)
Player vs. Player
To enter the enemy jungle before/around the time of minion spawn
To point out a point of interest
Ability Power (abbv.)
Disconnect (abbv.)
Gold (abbv.)
To weaken (in-game)
A Champions Ultimate ability (abbv.)
To keep enemies away
To attack an enemy under their turret
To ambush from behind
All random all mid
Attack Damage (abbv.)
Magic Resistance (abbv.)
Well played (abbv.)
Good luck, have fun (abbv.)
Missing (old abbv.)
To get someone to follow you while avoiding damage
Spirit of the Elder Lizard

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