Begins with 'F', Ends with 'K'

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Can you name the words which begin with the letter 'F' and end with the letter 'K'?

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A memory of an earlier time
A container for liquids
A pancake
A multi-pronged eating tool
A type of secondary plan; 'Plan B'
A small bit or spot
A squealer (frequently preceded by 'rat')
A response; a harsh sound from one's speakers
Something atypical
To fail
A style of music (or a bad smell)
A small, sharp piece of metal used to catch trout, bass, etc.
To pat down
Direct; a hot dog; a man's first name
A type of dress
Leg movement in dancing or sports (often 'fancy')
Anti-aircraft fire; hostile criticism
A group of birds
To lightly strike, as with one's finger
One's side
A relative; one of the common people
A position in sports like soccer and football
One of usually multiple colorful explosives
An old type of firearm

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