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What is the name of the dog
What does Sawyer shoot with the Marshal's gun
Where did Jack, Kate and Charlie find the pilot
What game does Locke explain to Walt
How many miles was the plane off course when it crashed
Who was the criminal
Where is the pilot pulled from
Who is pregnant
Where does Jack find himself after the crash
What does Walt find while looking for his dog
How many years had the loop been playing for
Who does Sayid ask for help to build the fire
What does Jack find in his pocket when he wakes up on the island
What does Sawyer call Hugo after the fight with Sayid
What is the number that Jack is sitting on the plane
What language was the comic book in that Walt was trying to read
Who hands out dinner the 1st night of the crash
What colour was the shoe that was in the tree
Where did the plane crash
Where did the plane take off from
Who was the 1st person we saw
What was the number of the plane that crashed
Boone is a quallified what
Which war did Sayid fight in
Sawyer took a gun of the marshal but what was the other item

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