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Where does Frodo awake at the end
Elrond takes Aragorn what pass
Who is Denethor's father
Where did Gollum bite Sam
Who is the last person to touch the one ring
Where do the orcs attack from at Osgiliath
Who has the gift of foresight
Where is the Witch King of Angmar's lair
How many orcs were there between Frodo and Mount Doom
What is Denethor holding while sitting on the chair
Who breaks Saruman's staff
Who arrives to help the orcs at Pellenor Fields
Who stabs Saruman on top of Isengard Tower
Who cursed the army of the dead
What is the path that Frodo and Sam get taken on by Gollum
How many hobbits return to the Shire
After the victory at Helm's Deep in which city do they celebrate
Who does Shelob poison
How many people leave Middle Earth near the end
Who kills the 1st Oliphaunt at the fields of Pellenor
Who picks up the Palantir
Who reforges Narsil/Anduril/Sword of Elendil
Before the Rohirrim charge down at the orcs what do they all shout at Pelennor fields
Did Denthor like Boromir or Faramir better
Who did Arwen see while heading to Valinor
Who is crowned King at Gondor
Who's Gondorian armor is Pippin wearing at Minas Tirirth
What is they army that ride on the Corsaid ships with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli
What is the name of the 2nd beacon lit
Who kills the Witch King of Angmar
What is the enormous battering ram called
Who kills Grima Wormtounge
What do the orcs and urak-hai fight over that was Frodo's
What did Gollum bite off Frodo
Who does Sauron show Aragorn through the Palantir
How many flowers blossemed on the White Tree before Aragorn was made king
What is the symbol of Gondor
How many riders does Theoden ride to Gondor with
Who does Sam marry
Who is Boromir's and Faramir's father
When Pippin looks into the Palantir what is happening to Minas Tirth
Who gets to finish of Bilbo and Frodo's book off
What does Gandalf fly on
Who stabs the Witch King of Angmar in the back of the leg
What is the name of the giant spider
Who did Smeagol kill to get the one ring
What were Smeagol and Deagol doing at the start of the movie
What is Denethor doing while Pippin is singing
Who breaks Gandalf's staff
What do the ringwraiths fly on

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