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Trrebeard called a meeting of the what
What color is Gandalf's staff
What city do the ents attack
Which is the ent that finds Merry and Pippin
What was the blade that Gollum had seen before
What is the horse's name Legolas and Gimli ride on
Where do Frodo and Sam meet Gollum
What is the elven bread that Frodo and Sam eat
What forest do Merry and Pippin enter
What hot food does Eowyn give to Aragorn at night
Who pulls Frodo out of the water while walking through the dead marshes
Who is Boromir’s brother
Who betrays Rohan and works for Saruman
What kind of horse is Shadowfax
What is the horse's name that takes Aragorn to Helm's Deep
From Fangorn where did Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli ride too
In which city are Eothain and Freda reunited with their mother
Which horse is the lord of all horses
Who poisoned the king's mind of Rohan
Who does Aragorn toss
What killed 1 of the ents
Who is Eomer's sister
Gandalf said they use to call him something in Fangorn what was it
Who is Hama's son
What is the precious that Sméagol refers to
What are taters
How did the ent put out the fire on his head
How old is Aragorn
How many Oliphaunts do we see
What do orcs drink
Who is Theoden's father
What does Gollum catch in the forbidden pool
Who comes back to life in this movie
Who comes to Theoden’s aid at Helm’s Deep
While fleeing to Helm’s Deep what creatures attack the Rohirrim
Who is Theoden's son
How do the last remaining orcs at Isengard die
Who recaptures Osgiliath
What is Treebeard
What were the ents and Merry and Pippin using to kill the orcs
At the Helm's Deep battle how many kills did Gimli get
How many orcs are marching to Helm's Deep
How many days had to pass before Aragorn looked to the east
What did Merry and Pippin smoke at Isengard
Where does Aragorn say Arwen is going
How does the 1st Warg rider die
Who got banished from Rohan
How does Aragorn kill orcs at Helm's Deep
Just outside of Fangorn how did the 1st orc die
What color is the black gate

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