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What creature does Gandalf whisper instruction too on the top of Orthanc
Elrond lives in which city of the Elves
Who catches Aragorn of his guard
Who is Arathorn's son
According to Gimli what does nobody toss
While Gandalf is smoking with Bilbo what shape of smoke does Gandalf blow out of his pipe
Who is Gimli’s father
Who are the rulers of Lothlorien
What is Saruman's symbol
Who kills the cave troll in Moria
Who is Balin’s father
What are the two items Bilbo gives to Frodo in Rivendell
What does Galadriel give Merry and Pippin
What vegetable broke when the 4 hobbits fell down the hill
What creature does Gandalf jump onto when he jumps from Orthanc
Which high king does Sauron kill at the start of the movie
What does Galdriel give Sam
Gandalf and Saruman are both what
What is the type of fireworks that Merry and Pippin set off
Which character cannot swim
How many rings were given to the Elves?
What is the 1st thing the cave troll kills in Moria
Legolas is the son of who
What does Galadriel give to Gimli
How many rings were given to the men
Who is the lord of Moria
On Caradhras what language is Gandalf shouting
What does Galadriel Give Frodo
What is the weapon Legolas uses mainly in the movie
What is the sword that destroys Sauron at the start of the movie
On Orthanc what language is Saruman Shouting
What is the weapon that Gimli uses to try and destroy the ring
Where did Sauron forge the one ring
What is the type of blade that stabs Frodo
Who is head of Gandalf the Grey's order
Who does Elrond call weak
Who is the 1st member of the fellowship dies
Who destroys Sauron at the start of the movie
Where is Legolas from
How many rings were given to the Dwarves
Aragorn uses his sword fighting the nazgul’s what was his other weapon
How old does Bilbo turn in this movie
What is the ring that Galadriel is the keeper of
Who is the 2nd member of the fellowship who dies
What did the dwarves awake in Moria
From Rivendell which way is it to Mordor?
Gimli says he has eyes and ears of two animals what are they
What was the elven rope made of
What is the Elvish word that opens the doors to Moria
What was Gollum once called

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