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HintBro Word
The scientific name for bros
He went on an epic journey all over Greece, bro
A ruler of the broletariat in Communist Russia
Greek lord of the brocean
Court case legalizing bad choices for bros everywhere
A grumpy cartoon cowbroy with epic facial hair
A rhetorical device where one comically overstates ones broness
Best Chemical Element ever
He was the main bro in The Hobbit
What bros did in elementary school to show off
A large snake that wears a backwards hat; Also a bro who hugs a lot
HintBro Word
Popular bounty hunter from Star Wars, undercover bro
A bro who shows no emotion, almost mechanical
Unfairly discriminating against bros; it's because I'm a bro, isn't it?
When two bros are really close
The bro who stole fire from the Gods
Famous glam rock icon/bro
Bro famous for poems such as 'The Raven'
A muscular bro famously played by Sylvester Stallone
He did the NBC Nightly News for a while
An artist bro who totally cut his ear off for a chick
Where all the Ancient Greek bro gods lived

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