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PlanetGame/Show/SeriesPlanet Description
TarsonisCapital of the Confederation
CapricaHome of one of the 12
ArrakisSpice Planet
CybertronInhabited by robots
VulcanWhere no man has gone before
AzerothA fantasy world of humans, orcs, undead, and night elves
MongoUnder the juridiction of Ming the Merciless
PlanetGame/Show/SeriesPlanet Description
KlendathuOrigin of the bugs
Decapod 10Dr. Zoidberg's home planet
HadesIt's a dark, dark planet
AbydosAccessible by wormhole
Aegis VIIMined by the planet-crusher ship 'Ishimura'
LV-426Colonized by Weyland-Utani Corporation
Proxima CentauriFuron Homeworld

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