North African/Middle Eastern Revolutions

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Type(s) of protestsCountryDate started
Mohamed Bouazizi's self-immolation; Nationwide protest; occupation of public spaces. --- DEATH TOLL: 22312-18-2010
Self-immolations; major protests; riots; road-blockings.12-28-2010
Nationwide protests; armed revolt; occupation of cities. --- DEATH TOLL: 3,000–6,0001-13-2011
Minor protests and demonstrations. --- ANAGRAM: OJRNAD 1-14-2011
Self-immolation, protests. --- ANAGRAM: ARAMINTIUA1-17-2011
Minor protests. --- ANAGRAM: DNAUS1-17-2011
Major protests. --- ANAGRAM: MOAN1-17-2011
Major protests; riots. --- DEATH TOLL: 351-18-2011
Self-immolation; minor demonstrations. --- OUTCOME: Economic concessions by King Abdullah1-21-2011
Self-immolations; nationwide protests; occupation of public spaces; attacks to official buildings. --- DEATH TOLL: 3841-25-2011
Self-immolation, minor protests. --- ANAGRAM: RYASI1-26-2011
Major protests; occupation of main public spaces. ANAGRAM: ITBDUJOI1-28-2011
Self-immolation; minor protests; attacks to properties. ANAGRAM: COROCMO1-30-2011
Self-immolation; major protests; riots; attacks to official buildings. --- DEATH TOLL: 212-10-2011
Minor protests. --- ANAGRAM: AIMLSOA2-13-2011
Major demonstrations; occupation public spaces. --- ANAGRAM: ABRHANI2-14-2011
Major protests2-14-2011
Protests; clashes between riot police and 'bidoons (bedouns)'2-18-2011

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