Championship Winning Coaches

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Can you name the coaches with the most recent championship wins?

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New York Yankees (2009) 
Philadelphia Phillies (2008) 
Boston Red Sox (2007) 
St. Louis Cardinals (2006) 
Chicago White Sox (2005) 
Los Angeles Lakers (2010) 
Los Angeles Lakers (2009) 
Boston Celtics (2008) 
San Antonio Spurs (2007) 
Miami Heat (2006) 
New Orleans Saints (2010) 
Pittsburgh Steelers (2009) 
New York Giants (2008) 
Indianapolis Colts(2007) 
Pittsburgh Steelers (2006) 
Chicago Blackhawks (2010) 
Pittsburgh Penguins (2009) 
Detriot Red Wings (2008) 
Anaheim Ducks (2007) 
Carolina Hurricanes (2006) 

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