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Can you name the players with back-to-back MVP awards?

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1B, Philadelphia A's, 1932-33 
LHP, Detroit Tigers, 1944-45 
C, New York Yankees, 1954-55 
OF, New York Yankees, 1956-57 
SS, Chicago Cubs, 1958-59 
OF, New York Yankees, 1960-61 
2B, Cincinnati Reds, 1975-76 
3B, Philadelphia Phillies, 1980-81 
OF, Atlanta Braves, 1982-83 
1B/DH, Chicago White Sox, 1992-93 
OF, Pitt. Pirates/San Fran. Giants, 1992-93 
OF, San Francisco Giants, 2001-05 
1B, St. Louis Cardinals, 2008-09 
Boston Celtics, 1960-63 
Philadelphia 76ers, 1965-68 
Milwaukee Bucks, 1970-72 
Los Angeles Lakers, 1975-77 
Houston Rockets/Philadelphia 76ers, 1981-83 
Boston Celtics, 1983-86 
Los Angeles Lakers, 1988-90 
Chicago Bulls, 1990-92 
San Antonio, 2001-03 
Phoenix Suns, 2004-06 
Cleveland Cavaliers, 2008-10 
C, Montreal Canadiens, 1930-32 
D, Boston Bruins, 1934-36 
RW, Detroit Red Wings, 1951-53 
RW, Detroit Red Wings, 1956-58 
LW, Chicago Black Hawks, 1964-66 
C, Chicago Black Hawks, 1966-68 
D, Boston Bruins, 1969-72 
C, Philadelphia Flyers, 1974-76 
LW, Montreal Canadiens, 1976-78 
C, Edmonton Oilers, 1979-87 
G, Buffalo Sabres, 1996-98 
LW, Washington Capitals, 2007-09 
RB, Cleveland Browns, 1957-58 
QB, San Fran. 49ers, 1989-90 
QB, Green Bay Packers, 1995-97 
QB, Indianapolis Colts, 2002-03 
QB, Indianapolis Colts, 2008-09 

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