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A human C-Sec officer stationed at the Citadel.
She is the human doctor on the Normandy.
Genetically engineered Krogan supersoldier.
Elcor merchant on Omega.
Main Character
Asari squad member from the original Mass Effect, encountered on Illium.
Mentally unstable Quarian met on Freedom's progress.
A turian against whom Garrus holds a Grudge.
Former student of Mordin Solus, encountered on Mordin's loyalty mission.
A human who works on Mordin Solus's clinic on Omega, saved from batarians on Mordin's recruitment mission.
The galaxy's most enigmatic thief, available from DLC.
Notorious criminal and possibly one of the most powerful human Biotics.
Pilot of the Normandy.
Quarian marine of the Migrant Fleet encountered on Tali's recruitment mission.
Probably the most skilled assassin in the galaxy and one of the few Drell encountered in the game.
A human war hero and the original captain of the SSV Normandy.
Her job on the Normandy is to keep Shepard abreast of new e-mails and tell him if any squad member wants to see him.
Powerful Asari Biotic.
Cerberus officer, genetically modified.
Met in the first Mass Effect, she is a known Quarian engineer.
The leader of the Blue Suns encountered on Zaeed's loyalty mission.
Human diplomat stationed at the Citadel, first human Councilor, depending on Shepard's choices in Mass Effect.
Thane's son and another of the few Drell encountered.
Encountered on Horizon if Kaidan was killed on Virmire.
Feared bounty hunter available from DLC.
The leader of Cerberus.
Turian rebel met in the original Mass Effect.
The self-proclaimed queen of Omega.
Miranda's sister, seen during Miranda's loyalty mission.
A friendly Geth encountered on the Derelict Reaper.
Batarian sergeant determined to kill Archangel.
Encountered on Horizon if Ashley was killed on Virmire.
Tali's father.
Salarian scientist that participated in the modification of the Genophage.
A female engineer on the Normandy.
The current leader of the Urdnot clan if Wrex was killed on Virmire.
The AI of the Normandy.
Human Biotic and a former Alliance marine.
A male engineer on the Normandy.
The main antagonist of the game and the mastermind behind the Collectors.

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