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Warwick was cursed by who?
Who is a member of the Kinkou Order along with Akali and Shen?
Nunu has a bird friend, who?
Who is a member of the band Pentakill along with Sona, Karthus and Yorick?
What champion does Miss Fortune have distrust for?
Cassiopeia's sister?
Who is Twisted Fate's ex-partner?
The brother of Renekton?
Who was Warwick's apprentice?
Ziggs was invited by who to work at the Piltover Yordle Academy?
Who is Pantheon's childhood friend?
Who is the creator of Blitzcrank?
She is in direct conflict with Sejuani.
A close friend of Tristana.
Who is Wukong's teacher in the arts of Wuju?
Zilean and who hate eachother?
Who is Lux's brother?
Jarvan rescued who from the wrath of the dragons?
A good friend of Annie.
It is hinted that Rumble has a crush on who?
It is speculated that Kassadin's daughter was kidnapped by who?
Who is Ashe married to?
Who is Darius' brother?
Malphite is proud to have who as an ally?
He has an alliance with LeBlanc.
Morgana's sister and enemy?
Gragas' drinking buddy?
Childhood friend of Garen?

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