Hearthstone Minions by Quotes: A-F

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Can you name the Hearthstone minions by their quotes? A-F

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Drink up me hearties!
Do I have to?!
Try this!
This is our town, scrub.
Let me change your mind!
I'll put it on your tab.
My blade be thirsty!
The Brotherhood shall prevail!
Glory to the Sin'Dorei!
I will enjoy watching you die!
The end is coming!
Just me and Mr. Bitey!
My shield for Argus!
Get behind me.
Are you ready for this?
Who dares summon me?!
You'll love my new recipe.
You call that a weapon?
We hunger for vengeance!
Take heart, young one. The Earthmother is near.
Let the pain speak to me!
I am master of magics!
Not on my watch!
Blood, and plunder!
Armor made to fit!
Yegh! I'll get right on it!
Follow the rules!
What you want?
The Frostwolf stand ready!
To Northrend!
My eyes are open.
One shot, one kill
For Nazjatar!
Sometimes, I forget things.
Join or die! ...Or both.
Get in there and fight, maggot!
X marks the spot!
Where shall I strike?
Winds! Obey my command!
I've got the beast in my sights.
Back to work!
Avast, matey!
Who dares defile this ancient land?
I am power INCARNATE!
It's time for a little blood!
You require my assistance?
The light protects me.
I bring life and hope!
Embrace the void.

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