Hearthstone Minions by Quotes G-P

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Can you name the Hearthstone minions by their quotes? G-P

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*Yawn* I am not a morning person...
They'll never know what hit 'em.
I can wait no longer.
Show me what you've learned.
I feel icky!
Wanna blow something up? Hahah!
You face Jaraxxus, Eredar lord of the Burning Legion!
I let the dogs out!
Locked and loaded!
Bring me steel!
I am the blade of the Goddess.
I can taste the mana!
In the light's name!
You are not prepared!
Prepare to face the mighty Millhouse Manastorm!
I got the best deals, anywhere!
Put this apple on your head!
Enter the shadows!
Pass me that Arclight Spanner!
Just in time.
I can wait and fish aaall day!
Pandaria will be ours!
You dare challenge the daughter of Deathwing?!
Not all who wander, are lost.
Is someone injured?
I am the essence of MAGIC!
Engaging TC130, mental dislocator!
I hope you like my invention.
You no take candle!
I usually work alone.
We have many secrets.
I must safeguard the land.
Ready for action!
That belongs in a museum!
For the Warchief!
Summoning portal open.
Behold, my mighty invention!
To the slaughter!
Go ahead... hehe make my day...
The gates are open.
I'm ready! ..I'm not ready!
Mind if I roll need?

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