Hearthstone Minions by Quotes G-P

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Can you name the Hearthstone minions by their quotes? G-P

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You are not prepared!
In the light's name!
Prepare to face the mighty Millhouse Manastorm!
I must safeguard the land.
Just in time.
To the slaughter!
Locked and loaded!
I feel icky!
I usually work alone.
Is someone injured?
That belongs in a museum!
Pandaria will be ours!
Behold, my mighty invention!
Show me what you've learned.
Bring me steel!
You dare challenge the daughter of Deathwing?!
Ready for action!
Mind if I roll need?
Not all who wander, are lost.
Go ahead... hehe make my day...
I can taste the mana!
They'll never know what hit 'em.
I'm ready! ..I'm not ready!
Enter the shadows!
We have many secrets.
Engaging TC130, mental dislocator!
I am the blade of the Goddess.
I am the essence of MAGIC!
The gates are open.
You no take candle!
Pass me that Arclight Spanner!
You face Jaraxxus, Eredar lord of the Burning Legion!
Summoning portal open.
For the Warchief!
I can wait no longer.
Put this apple on your head!
I got the best deals, anywhere!
I hope you like my invention.
I can wait and fish aaall day!
I let the dogs out!
*Yawn* I am not a morning person...
Wanna blow something up? Hahah!

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