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To exist
The singular first person conjugation of the verb 'to be'
Within the limits, bounds, or area of; not out
A variant on the Scottish 'No'
Informal word for father
The technical name for bone; in zoology, a mouth or opening
Slang for someone who enjoys relations with both genders
In Taoism, the power through which the Tao is actualized
Ancient Egyptian god of the sun
A member of a Negroid people of West Africa living chiefly in South Ghana, or their language
Linking word in a simile e.g. Light __ a feather
In British slang, short for moment; in Australian slang, short for moustache
In a particular place; slangy greeting, 'where you ___?'
The sixth note of the diatonic scale
A variant of a measurement equal to 100 square meters; the 18th letter of the alphabet, phonetically
A river of northern Italy, flowing generally eastward to the Adriatic Sea
A negative response; opposite of yes
Slang for relating to agriculture or agricultural studies
British word to express thanks
An expression of hesitation
Singular masculine pronoun
A variant of the musical note 'ti'
The second note of the diatonic scale
Prefix indicating 'together (with)'
In Egyptian mythology, the soul
Variant of Gaia, Greek goddess of the Earth
The seventh note of the diatonic scale; an eastern Asian shrub
When used twice, a representation of a jolly laugh ;slang for a prostitute

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