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Can you name the elements whose symbols are also words, indicated by the clues?

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A variant of a measurement equal to 100 square meters; the 18th letter of the alphabet, phonetically
Variant of Gaia, Greek goddess of the Earth
Linking word in a simile e.g. Light __ a feather
The singular first person conjugation of the verb 'to be'
The sixth note of the diatonic scale
A negative response; opposite of yes
Prefix indicating 'together (with)'
A variant of the musical note 'ti'
The second note of the diatonic scale
Ancient Egyptian god of the sun
Singular masculine pronoun
An expression of hesitation
A river of northern Italy, flowing generally eastward to the Adriatic Sea
The seventh note of the diatonic scale; an eastern Asian shrub
Within the limits, bounds, or area of; not out
To exist
Slang for someone who enjoys relations with both genders
The technical name for bone; in zoology, a mouth or opening
A variant on the Scottish 'No'
When used twice, a representation of a jolly laugh ;slang for a prostitute
In Taoism, the power through which the Tao is actualized
Slang for relating to agriculture or agricultural studies
A member of a Negroid people of West Africa living chiefly in South Ghana, or their language
British word to express thanks
In Egyptian mythology, the soul
In a particular place; slangy greeting, 'where you ___?'
Informal word for father
In British slang, short for moment; in Australian slang, short for moustache

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