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A noisy quarrel or disturbance.ay
Infant, very young child.by
Pert; covered in ketchup, say.cy
Sweets, chocolate.dy
How Green Was My _____, 1941 film.ey
Welsh singer with the hit song Mercy.fy
Hypersensitivity to a substance causing a reactiongy
A list of books by a particular author; a list of sources at the end of a document.hy
____ Hawk, recurring Days of Our Lives characterjy
Nonsense writing, coined after a poem by Lewis Carroll.ky
Relations; ____ Ties, TV show starring Michael J. Foxly
1969 album by The Who, later turned into a 1971 film.my
A long tedious speech or recital.ny
One who spoils the enthusiasm or fun of others.oy
The use of fragrant oils extracted from plants in complementary medicine.py
Above the usual, incredible.ry
A dispute, particularly a public one, between sides holding opposite views.sy
Vingt, viente or zwanzig; number indicated by 'a score'.ty
Dialogue where a character reveals his thoughts out loud, without talking to anybody in particular.uy
The sauce made from thickening and/or seasoning the juices of meat.vy
The quality food is when it requires a lot of mastication.wy
Arousing, alluring or erotic.xy
Russian city, capital of the Chechen Republic, and 67th largest in terms of population.*yy
Unclear, vague; characterized by reduced visibilityzy

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