Name a London Underground Station that...

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Can you name the London Underground stations that fit the following criteria?

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...begins with 'O'?
...that is in Zone 1 and has 'Park' in the name? in Zones 7,8 or 9?
...that is in Zone 1 and contains the name of an English city?
...has interchange with the Docklands Light Railway?
...has an annual passenger usage of over 60 million (2010)? in both Zones 1 and 2?
...was closed in 2010?*
...has 4, 5 or 6 letters? named after a pub?
...shares its name with a British Monopoly space?
...was on the original section of Underground opened in 1863?
...has a name in the format 'X & Y'?
...lies on the Waterloo & City line?
...serves 4 or more Underground lines?
...has a London Tramlink connection? also a terminus for the London Overground? the closest to a 2011-12 English Premier League team's home ground? on the Central Line in Zone 1 and has no interchange with any other line?
...opened in the 21st century?

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