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Can you name the things that the following groups have in common?

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What links...Thing in common
...the letters B,F,K,W?
...the countries Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia?
... the people Spencer Perceval, Arthur Balfour and Stanley Baldwin?
...the numbers 2, 17, 61, 79?
...the states Pennsylvania, Virginia and New York?
...the TV show characters Cookie Kwan, Snake and Wendell (enter TV show)?
...the actors George Clooney, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle (enter movie title)?
...the countries India, Australia and Canada?
What links...Thing in common
...the precious stones ruby, opal and topaz?
...the cities St Louis, Antwerp and Melbourne?
...the countries Sweden, Chile and Japan?
...the words please, actually and yes?
...the places Walford, Weatherfield and Erinsborough?
... broad, runner and french?
... the fruits oranges, lemons and tangerines?

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