Famous people birthplaces.

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Can you name the Famous people birthplaces.?

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Brad Pitt - Which US state? 
Natalie Portman - Which Country? 
Lucy Liu - Which Country? 
Johnny Depp - Which US state? 
Christian Bale - Which Country (Be Specific)? 
Leonardo DiCaprio- Which US City? 
Antonio Banderas - Which Country? 
Carrot Top - Which US State? 
David Letterman - Which US State? 
Ray Charles - Which US State? 
Justin Bieber - Which Country? 
Jay-Z - Which US City? 
Mick Jagger - Which Country (Be Specific)? 
Bob Marley - Which Country? 
Barack Obama - Which US State? 
Joe Biden - Which US City? 
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Which Country? 
Kim Jong-Il - Which Country? 
George W. Bush - Which US City? 
Glenn Beck - Which US state? 
Michael Phelps - Which US City? 
Sammy Sosa - Which Country? 
Peyton Manning - Which US State? 
Cristiano Ronaldo - Which Country? 
Roger Federer - Which Country? 
Hines Ward - Which Country? 
Albert Einstein - Which Country? 
Galileo Galilei - Which Country? 
Stephen Hawking - Which City in England? 
Michio Kaku - Which US City? 

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