Call of Duty Black Ops A-Z

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Can you name the Call of Duty Black Ops things A-Z?

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fully automatic assault rifle
A deadly mele weapon
Does China have any lakes?
semi automatic sniper rifle
Is it a Fail or a win?
Assault Rifle
Capital of Cuba, also a map
Camouflage for your gun
Ruins your map
submachine gun
Sniper rifle
A black ops gun as well as a lethal weapon in Modern Warfare
Airstrike type with FIRE!!!!
A shotgun also a city and greece
I can't tell is it a anaconda or a _________
you do this when your losing really bad
The terrorists favorite weapon
spelled differently it may give you a powerful sting
Not a throwing knife, but a _______________
A spy plane does the same thing as_______________
Kill-streak at seven kills
What was Bush searching for in Iraq? (It's also a map)
does not start with x but first part starts with-(Porters)
Weapon camouflage also a canadian 'province'
pack-a-punched Thunder Gun

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