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A peaceful, endangered creature, which is often found wandering battlefields.
TF2's Chuck Norris.
This video is often posted onto forums as a humorous way of saying 'no.'
A deformed Engineer who talks backwards, can fire his limbs at people, and has other terrifying powers.
Another Youtube fad, this time featuring a Soldier who eats people.
A remix featuring the lines 'and now he's here to f*** us!' and 'Gentlemen...'
The word that Scout yells when he hits someone with his bat, which is often used in remixes.
This word is derived from the Engineer's 'Gotta move that gear up!'
This image features a Spy with his mouth crammed full of cigarettes.
This (sadly patched) glitch is also known by some as 'Bacon Legs'
If you have no hats or just the Ghastly Gibus, then you are...
A Demoman equipped with a Frying Pan, Chargin' Targe, Bounty Hat, and Dangeresque, Too?. Used to joke about how much TF2 has changed.
This surreal video depicts a severly deformed Scout wandering 2fort, set to Metroid music.
These series of Gmod videos depict the gameplay on different maps in an exaggerated, humorous manner.

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