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Can you name the Green Day songs from the anagrams?

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Knight Skater BeeInsomniac
Mortician IdeaAmerican Idiot
Historic DareKerplunk
Rather Stay¡DOS!
Artery Hit Lab39/Smooth
Furious Buses JabAmerican Idiot
Grail Ova Via21st Century Breakdown
Chair Hint DieNimrod
Biter SwanInsomniac
Setback SeaDookie
Butler Oval¡TRE!
Payday Dare ScamWarning
Nullify Camera¡UNO!
Soon New KonKerplunk
Sonic PangInsomniac
TremblebotAmerican Idiot
Say Crunch HoundWarning
Together Font¡TRE!
Seahorse Jute Sewn21st Century Breakdown
Gnaw Hot OneShenanigans
Grand Eye39/Smooth
Malevolent Diva DoseKerplunk

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