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How to Play Forced Order
lyricsong titlealbum
Savage grace
It's cool to be so tough
Strangers by one chromosome
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
The city is calm in this violent sea
Whirlwind life of faith and betrayal
Building hopeful bridges on a troubled sea
The soviets are the blues
Paper around the stone
The echoes of old applause
The odds get even
Invisible airwaves
Too many captains keep on steering us wrong
A flower touched by flame
Bloodstained velvet, dirty lace
A canopy of stars
And China sang to me
The water takes me home
Reality won't budge
A thousand ten cent wonders
lyricsong titlealbum
Wheels within wheels in a spiral array
Net boy, net girl
Sweet Jamaican pipe dreams
Angel in my armour
Cities full of hatred, fear and lies
Every soul a battlefield
The solace we seek
Pale facsimile
Wires that vibrate
The gods are malign
The middle aged madonna
Burning skin and fireworks
I live from breath to breath
Just one spark of decency
The perp walk on TV
No virgin land left chaste
Caught in the camera eye
The mass production zone
Ignorance breeds imitation
A certain measure of righteousness

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