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Can you name the batsmen who have scored the most runs in a test match series?

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RunsPlayerSeries & Season
974Australia in England 1930
905England in Australia 1928/29
839Australia in England 1989
834Australia v South Africa 1952/53
829West Indies in England 1976
827West Indies v Australia 1954/55
824West Indies v Pakistan 1957/58
810Australia v England 1936/37
806Australia v South Africa 1931/32
798West Indies v England 1993/94
779West Indies in India 1948/49
774India in West Indies 1970/71
769Australia v India 2014/15
766England in Australia 2010/11
765West Indies in England 1995
761Pakistan v India 1982/83
758Australia in England 1934
753England v South Africa 1947
752England v India 1990
734England in Australia 1924/25
732South Africa in Australia 1910/11
732India v West Indies 1978/79
732England v Australia 1985
722West Indies in England 1966
716West Indies v India 1952/53
715Australia v India 1947/48
RunsPlayerSeries & Season
714South Africa in England 2003
712South Africa v West Indies 2003/04
709West Indies v England 1959/60
706Australia v India 2003/04
703West Indies v England 1929/30
702Australia v West Indies 1975/76
699Australia v West Indies 1968/69
698West Indies v England 1953/54
696Australia in England 1948
693England in West Indies 1929/30
692India in Australia 2014/15
688West Indies in Sri Lanka 2001/02
680Australia v England 1946/47
677England in West Indies 1953/54
673England v Australia 1993
672New Zealand in West Indies 1971/72
667Australia v West Indies 1968/69
665Pakistan v West Indies 2006/07
663England in West Indies 1973/74
662England in Australia 1911/12
661Australia v South Africa 1910/11
660Australia in South Africa 1949/50
657England in Australia 1970/71
656England in South Africa 2004/05
653England in South Africa 1938/39
650Australia in West Indies 1954/55
RunsPlayerSeries & Season
650Pakistan v India 1982/83
648England in Australia 1970/71
642India in West Indies 1970/71
636West Indies in India 1974/75
633England in Australia 2002/03
631Pakistan in England 2006
628Pakistan in West Indies 1957/58
627Australia v England 1970/71
626West Indies v England 2008/09
626Australia v India 2011/12
625South Africa v England 2004/05
623Australia v England 1994/95
622West Indies v Pakistan 1957/58
621South Africa in England 1947
619West Indies v India 1988/89
619India in Australia 2003/04
616West Indies v England 1973/74
615England v India 2002
611New Zealand in India 1955/56
609England in South Africa 1938/39
608Australia v England 1974/75
606South Africa v Australia 1966/67
603South Africa in Australia 1963/64
602India in England 2002

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