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***Rude word 1***
Property of soda
Nickname for Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
What a tailored suit does
What a dog wants (or a cow does)
Give the ball to someone else
***Rude word 2***
Thumb tacks
Eg.'I starred in a theatre production about language. It was a play on words.'
Kick a ball dropped from the hands
***Rude word 3***
***Rude word 4***
Close one eye briefly
Decend below water
What you do to a straw (or maybe to words 6 and 7 if you're lucky)
***Rude word 5***
Scientist Adolf ___, devised Laws of Diffusion
***Rude word 6***
Place for boats
***Rude word 7***
First 4 letters of famous soft drink company
Second 4 letters of famous soft drink company
Common ailment
Medal colour
Nemesis of evil
Wearing clothes
Noise made with hands
What you do to nails when they are too long
***Rude word 8***
A thin gap
***Rude word 9***
Front of lower leg
What a bad sumo would be
Sibling with identical DNA
A fool
***Rude word 10***

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