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DescriptionMystery Fruit Description
Homophone with word meaning either present time or moving of things, especially water; Types include Red and Black.
Part of New York's Nickname.
Named for being similar to the fruit of a type of conifer; Often grown in Hawaii.
Ranges in size about 1-5 inches tall; Named for color.
Often incorrectly regarded as a vegetable, though a large berry; Most have red skin when ripe.
Has yellow to brown skin when ripe; Often eaten in bread.
Some types include Gold _____ and Red _____; The Red _____ is usually eaten when skin is yellow, red, or brown.
6-8 letters; Very large citrus fruit; Taste and inside is very similar to grapefruit.
7 letters; Small citrus fruit; Has sweet, eatable skin and tart flesh.
Very large fruit; Has orange inside and lots of seeds; Has whitish skin.
The mystery fruit is:

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