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Item Description ItemItem type
Shoots enemies from a distance. Cost 1 rupee per ....Weapon - Bought
Only Weapon that can kill GanonWeapon - Found
Used to feed hungry people in the dungeonsFood - Bought
Hurts enemies. Makes passages through the wallsWeapon - Found/bought
Used to retrieve items from a distance. Stun and kills enemies.Weapon - Found
Upgrade so item reaches across the entire screenWeapon - Found
Required to shoot items in questions 1 and 2Weapon - Found
Creates fire, Burns bushes, and Lights rooms. Once per screenWeapon/Gadget - Bought
Creates fire, burns bushes, and Lights rooms. UnlimitedWeapon/Gadget - Found
Freezes all enemies for one screenGadget - Found
Shows the location of triforceGadget - Found
Opens locked doors. 1 time useGadget - Found/Bought
Opens locked doors. Unlimited useGadget - Found
Allows player to step across waterGadget - Found
Item Description ItemItem type
Allows you to see the entire map of dungeonsGadget - Found
Cast spellsWeapon - Found
Creates fire after spell hits enemiesGadget - Found
Handheld item that blocks enemiesGadget - Aquired
Upgraded handheld item that blocks enemiesGadget - Bought
Allows you to move stones. Gadget - Found
Allows player to sail across waterGadget - Found
Reduces damage by 1/2Gadget - Bought
Reduces damage by 1/4Gadget - Found
Starting out weaponWeapon - Aquired
Upgraded weapon that does double damageWeapon - Found
Final Upgraded weapon that does 4x damagesWeapon - Found
Summons whirlwind that transports player to beaten dungeonsGadget - Found

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