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Opening LyricSong Name
There's A Stain, There's A Stain On The Floor
These Situations Are Irrelevant Now!
Oh Take These Storms Away, Start A Brand New Story
I Loved You, You Made Me
Heaven A Blaze In Our Eyes
It's Hot As Hell In Here, Everbody Wants To Lose Control
We Stare At Broken Clocks, The Hands Don't Turn Anymore
I Don't Care What You're Thinking!
Opening LyricSong Name
Before The Story Begins, Is It Such A Sin For Me To Take Whats Mine?
I Got A Funny Feeling, There's Somthign Wrong Today
Mom And Dad Went To A Show, They Dropped Me Off At Grandpa Joe's
I Tear My Heart Open, I Sew Myself Shut
If You're 555, Then I'm 666
I'm In Tokyo! I'm Lookin' For A Hoe!
Climb Up On Mah Faithful Steed

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