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Beginning of IdiomZiva-ismEpisode
It'll be like trying to find...Blowback
And your lawyer is going to try and use her bad taste in men to _________ her credibility.Bloodbath
Why haven't you _______ them?Friends and Lovers
It's like shooting...Friends and Lovers
That! Is totalThe Inside Man
That was when Jenny had you...Blowback
I think we've been _____ __ ____, Tony.Boxed In
Great! It'll be like finding a...Ravenous
He's ________ ___ McGee. (to yell at)Cover Story
Your hair is sticking up like a...Silver War
I'm being treated like a...Jeopardy
Does a bear...Deception
If the....?Head Case
I will make it worth your....Trojan Horse
(Tony:) Where is she? (Ziva;) She's probably... by now.Frame-Up
I feel like a...Silver War
Beginning of IdiomZiva-ismEpisode
American idioms...Hiatus, Part 1
I think Tony is...Iced
Okay. But you're tying my...Hiatus, Part 2
Ducky, ____ it!Hiatus, Part 1
I'd say you messed it up...Deception
Kody was covering his...Bait
(trying to make a call with a cell phone) I'm...Boxed In
I allowed myself to feel sorry for her. Ah! And do you know what that makes me?Witch Hunt
McGee, you look like you saw...Cover Story
You know what they say about a watched pot, Tony.Cloak
You can't make an omelette...Knockout
You look...Once a Hero
You need to cut the man...Smoked
Mind if I take a...Ravenous
Your goose is...Stakeout

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