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Yes it's sad to say you will romanticize all the things you've known before
This was the vehicle, these were the people, you opened the door and expelled all the people
You could tell me we belong together, and I could tell you you belong with me
She doesn't have to have her Young Fresh Fellows tape back
And we almost figured out how we'll get along, and given time we'll find it strange to be alone
Unnoticed by few, very very few, and that includes you
In the spaceship, the silver spaceship, the lion takes control
I stuck around too long feeling sorry for myself
Well the bellhop is funky, the dumbwaiter's a monkey
And the picture of the crook in the book is in love with the brand new motorbike
I'm inspired by events to remember the exits in back of me
How may I give you a hand, from the position at your feet where I stand?
I held your hand, you held mine, it was the best night of my life
We need its light, we need its heat, we need its energy
Is he depressed, or is he a mess? Does he feel totally worthless?
And although I like you anyway, check out your haircut
Someday somebody else besides me will call me by my stage name, they will...
By airplane to the rocket, by taxi to the airplane, by front door to the taxi
No one in the world ever gets what they want, and that is beautiful
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical
Sometimes I think I kind of like that and other times I think I'm already there
I built a little empire out of some crazy garbage called the blood of the exploited working class
There's a picture opposite me of my primitive ancestry, which stood on rocky shores and kept the beaches shipwreck free
They don't need me here, and I know you're there, where the world goes by like the humid air
And as the screaming fire engine siren filled the air, the evidence had vanished from my charred and smoking chair
Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye? Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye?
Hey, where's Tommy? Someone find Tommy, we're out on the road
I didn't apologize for when I was 8 and I made my younger brother have to be my personal slave
Don't call me at work again no no, the boss still hates me; I'm just tired, and I don't love you anymore
Somebody put their fingers in the Preisdent's ears; it wasn't too much later they came out with Johnson's wax
If it wasn't for disappointments, I wouldn't have any appointments
The factions soon agreed, he's just the man we need to bring about victory
'Son I am able,' she said, 'though you scare me.' 'Watch,' said I.
Do you sing like Olive Oyl on purpose? You guys must be into the Eurythmics
I don't know what makes your face implode, but that's the way the movie ends

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