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I took a long walk straight back home, I could have walked back to San Francisco
Smoked myself stupid and drank my insides raisin dry
And when you're only 23 it's not attractive to complain about your sore back
Put down like a teenager's first drink, I cough up compliments
You're up there, took the stairs to the stars all alone
So go plug in your electric blanket, we can stay in til our southern summer wedding day
Look at all those stars, look at how god damn ugly those stars are
Wide-eyed, knee deep in surprise, just below your thighs the temperature drops 5 degrees
Remember last April when we saw U.S. Maple? Somehow the singer showed the fireside exactly how I feel
Every breath that I could barely breathe, could barely mae it past my teeth; I took a blowtorch to both of my lungs a long long time ago
Like Hell we are anxiously waiting, like Hell burning silently strong
I don't dream since I quit sleeping. And I haven't slept since I met you.
Never had a drink that I didn't like; got a taste of you, threw up all night
Well those others were like methadone I took to get me through the day
It's been a while since I really spent time with you, wish I could take back the times that I had
Bless me dark father I have sinned, I've dont it before and I'll do it again
I've got it now, a thorn in my side the size of a Cadillac
'Cause we've talked so much I think we filled this ashtray twice, and I'm pretty sure we emptied every bottle in the place, so...
It's kinda funny how something so soothing gets interrupted by the ring of a telephone
You won't catch me behind the wheel of a Chrysler ever again
You've been known to say that you're a-ok when you're feeling sick inside
There are things that used to make you cry; one of them was me for just a little while
They found me face down in the street, on the night you left to find another place to sleep, in rain and regret
If Columbus was wrong I'd drive straight off the edge
You took me hostage and made your demands, I couldn't meet them so you cut off my fingers one by one
This is the way we disappear, it's easy like a 50 foot fall
We watched the sun fall crown, on a city that sleeps in a world upside down
Meanwhile tin men are led by little girls, down golden roads that lead to nowhere
We passed out in each other's arms, both admitting we'd never felt better, never felt so warm
Well they tied that yellow ribbon 'round the oak tree, and they've worn out all the prayer in their hearts
And you found everything you need to make a life complete; completely revolting...
Something warm to hold me, something pure to burn away the darkness that hides inside my mind

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