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Can you name the longest one-syllable answers to the following Sporcle quizes?

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Quiz (# of letters)one-syllable answer
Most Spoken Languages Worldwide (6)
Capitals of Europe (6)
US Presidents, last name (6)
Whole Numbers (5)
US States (5)
NBA Teams (6)
Big Mac Ingredients (6)
Harry Potter characters, last name (6)
12 Greek Olympian Gods (4)
MLB Teams (6)
Quiz (# of letters)one-syllable answer
Colors of the Rainbow (5)
Pixar movies (4)
NFL Teams (6)
NHL Teams (6)
Countries of the World (6)
Walt Disney Animated Classics (4)
Chess Pieces (6)
Planets (5)
Seven Dwarfs (3)
Disney Villains (5)

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