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Definition or exampleDouble ZZ word
Heavy snow storm or yummy DQ treat
Preferred hair style of many in the USMC
Papa John's or Papa Murphy's product
Crossword or word find
Music of Miles Davis or team of Karl Malone
Drink made with sloe gin
Common result of a concussion
Chicken part -- often served as bar food
Many a car from the 1970s
The discharging end of a firearm, or the jaws and nose of a dog
Definition or exampleDouble ZZ word
2nd largest bear in North America, after the Polar Bear
How the rain often falls in Seattle, WA
Winter ale from Sam Adams Brewing Co.
Tool found in a lumber yard or high school shop class
Nickname (not the mascot) for Washington State University
The lowest balcony in a theater or a partial story occuring between two main floors
Various types of North American vultures
Charles Ponzi, Robert Vesco or Bernard Madoff
To bewilder, amaze or overwhelm
Babylonian king or the vessel in The Matrix

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