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Can you name the Marvel Now titles up to and including April 2013?

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HintSeries NameCreative Team
A covert operation where even the members dont know of the team!
With a movie-centric cast, the team are assembled!
One dimension hopping hero, one mischievous young god, a fair few experienced kids and a Kree.
The one a bit like the Hunger Games
A mutant and his team, out to save the world whilst on the run from the law
A team of killers out for blood to do what must be done. Think red.
Stars Storm, Spiral and Puck
There's only three reasons you'd get this one, bub.
Stars Characters Including Rogue, Thor and Sunfire
When one is not enough, why not try 18 members?
An armored adventurer who shall soon help guard the galaxy!
With a movie to debut and an Avenger on board, it's time for some space.
Two original stories an issue, no set cast or writers
The son of a hero out on his own, well, him and the voices in his head.
Stars Ant-Man, Medusa, Ms. Thing and She-Hulk
The Valkyrior of Midgard!
HintSeries NameCreative Team
Now, then and later. A hero, a warrior and a king.
A team of lady mutants lead by one recently dead.
Loki's Journey is over, now for someone elses...
Not the Brotherhood in name, but they arent welcome at the X-Mansion
Not a hero, not a villain. Just one man hunting for a cure.
SHIELD has a new agent, and a new weapon ready to smash!
Characters from the past, come to the present!
Death's biggest fan in the universe with his own origin miniseries.
A soldier of the past, currently trapped in another dimension!
The human rocket.
Comedic-Psyhotic Zombie-President Hunter
A family of adventurers leaving Earth behind for four minutes.
A cat, a fish, a magician, a philanthropist, a beast and a king
In a land of dinosaurs, could things be more savage?
He's more than Amazing... he is...
She's red, she's angry and she's got her own Machine Man!

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