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1, 5, 5, heart
Two towers, one with a dragon slaying item. The other with a...
Explodes on ceilings
Crystal-walled grotto is found here
A large Goron found as a child
Shop with limited quantities
Wolfos weakness
Skull Mask affects these creatures
Lens of truth without using magic
100 rupees and a Gold Skulltula
Part it with the Lullaby
Location of an underground performance
Dampé asks Link if he knows where it comes from
Knocks Link out cold
Blue fire is here, among other items
The Goron behind four walls
Silver rupees and blue flames
Green rupees lead down to a heart piece
Jo, Beth, Amy, and...
Always opposite of you
Stalchildren repellent
Special, cannot be bottled, fills magic
Special way to defeat Bongo Bongo
When it appears, you hear thunder
Heart piece in a box
Stalfos walking on air
A fish, a bug, and a hive.
Business scrub price of a Deku Shield
The Goron who hurt his eyes
Song of Storms makes it bigger

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