WWE PPV Competitors Beginning with H

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Can you name the WWE PPV Competitors Beginning with H?

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Midget wrestler, competed at Wrestlemania III
One Half of The Colossal Connection
Japanese wrestler. Had a terrific match with Bret Hart once
Debuted as race car driver
Former NWA Champion
Partook in a famous angle where he drunkenly fell from the titantron
Masked Japanese wrestler
'The one man Southern rock band'
Mexican wrestler
Mexican wrestler
Wrote poems, raped Michael Cole and was an honourary Road Warrior
One half of a tag team of pig farmers
Carried around a steel chain, used the full nelson
Hall of famer
Mexican luchador
He's cool, he's cocky, he's bad
Vince McMahon's illegimate son
Better known as Dory, Jr
Real name Bill DeMott
Probably the biggest star in professional wrestling ever
Wrestled as the replacement Sin Cara for a while
Conneticut blueblood who became The Game
Stand back, there's a ? coming through
Part of the New Nexus. Has a famous father

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