WWE PPV Competitors Beginning with G

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Former Womens Champion, now in TNA
Leader of The Brood
Former Tag Team Champion. Tragically died young
It's not his fault!
Intelligent brother of the Macho Man
Wrestled Jake Roberts at Wrestlemania II
'The Animal'. See him in the Tim Burton film Ed Wood
Classic interviewer. Nicknamed 'Mean'
Japanese wrestler
Allied with Sgt Slaughter
Legend wrestler, who once had an evening gown match with Pat Patterson!
Co-founder of all All Japan Pro Wrestling
The Undertaker's Wrestlemania IX opponent
Andre the Giant under another gimmick
Member of the Human Oddities
Spoof of a popular WCW wrestler
Pimping ain't easy
Hatched from a giant egg
Member of the Right to Censor
Whos Next?
'The Bizarre One'
Former Earthquake. Member of the Human Oddities
Ice Hockey playing wrestler
Famous Commentator and former wrestler. Has a backstage area named after him
One Half of Too Cool
Japanese wrestler
'The Punjabi Playboy'
Japanese wrestler
'The Hammer'
Former Hurricane
Famously beat Booker T on an episode of Smackdown

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