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Can you name the year in which these 50 English and British Battles were fought?

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Evesham (Rebellion)
Fontenoy (Austrian Succession)
Oudenarde (Spanish Succession)
Ramillies (Spanish Succession)
Trafalgar (Napoleonic War)
Castillon (100 Years)
Stamford Bridge (Viking Invasion)
Malplaquet (Spanish Succession)
Marston Moor (English Civil)
New Orleans (War of 1812)
Bosworth (Wars of the Roses)
the Nile (French Revolution)
Quiberon Bay (Seven Years War)
the Boyne (Ireland)
the Saintes (American Revolution)
Spion Kop (Boer War)
Culloden (Scots Invasion)
Hastings (Norman Invasion)
Agincourt (100 Years War)
Yorktown (American Revolution)
Formigny (100 Years)
Sedgemoor (Rebellion)
Stirling Bridge (Scots Independence)
Shrewsbury (Rebellion)
Copenhagen (Napoleonic)
Flodden (Scots invasion)
Bunker Hill (American Revolution)
Poitiers (100 Years)
Falkirk (Scots Independence)
Crecy (100 Years)
Stoke Field (Roses)
Sluys (100 Years)
the Standard (Scots invasion)
Naseby (English Civil War)
1st St Albans (Roses)
La Corruna (Peninsular War)
Cape St Vincent (Napoleonic)
Isandlwana (Zulu War)
Plassey (India)
Lewes (Rebellion)
Towton (Roses)
Wakefield (Roses)
Spanish Armada (Spanish)
Bannockburn (Scots Independence)
Waterloo (Napoleonic)
Louisburg (Seven Years)
the Spurs (French)
Balaclava (Crimean)
Blenheim (Spanish Succession)
Tinchebrai (Normandy)

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