Who played these film characters? (2)

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Can you name the actors or actresses who played these film characters (2)?

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Clarice StarlingThe Silence of the Lambs
Maj. John ReismanThe Dirty Dozen
Detective Frank DrebinThe Naked Gun
Queen Elizabeth IIThe Queen
Ann SchuylerPlatinum Blonde
Glenn HollandMr Holland's Opus
Don BirnamThe Lost Weekend
Count DraculaDracula (1931)
Bonnie ParkerBonnie and Clyde
Wyatt, 'Captain America'Easy Rider
Louise HowellPossessed
Jim StarkRebel Without a Cause
Detective Alonzo HarrisTraining Day
Private Angelo MaggioFrom Here to Eternity
John MorganA Man Called Horse
Ben SandersonLeaving Las Vegas
Margaret SchlegelHowards End
Ron KovicBorn on the Fourth of July
Muhammad AliAli
Lt Colonel William KilgoreApocalypse Now
Holly GolightlyBreakfast at Tiffany's
Lt. John Dunbar Dances With Wolves
Dr. Richard KimbleThe Fugitive
Michael Corleone The Godfather
Oskar SchindlerSchindler's List
Forrest GumpForrest Gump
Lieutenant Gonville BromheadZulu
Manuel FidelloCaptains Courageous
Dr. Sean MaguireGood Will Hunting
Don Diego VegaThe Mark of Zorro (1920)
Norma DesmondSunset Boulevard
Frankenstein's monsterFrankenstein (1931)
Oda Mae BrownGhost
HeathcliffWuthering Heights (1939)
Dorothy GaleThe Wizard of Oz
Mrs. RobinsonThe Graduate
Maximus Decimus MeridiusGladiator
Gordon GekkoWall Street
Matthew PonceletDead Man Walking
Judah Ben-HurBen-Hur
King George VIThe King's Speech
Queen VictoriaMrs Brown
General George S PattonPatton
Norma BesantCoquette
Christy BrownMy Left Foot
Rhett ButlerGone with the Wind
Ann DarrowKing Kong (1933)
Agent K/Kevin BrownMen in Black

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