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Can you name the teams and people re the UEFA Champions League ?

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Name the manager of the first English team to win the Champions Cup in 1968.
Name either of the English clubs who have not won the Champions Cup but were beaten finalists.
Name either of the teams involved in the first Championship Cup Final penalty shoot-out in 1984.
Name the first team to beat Real Madrid in a Champions Cup Final, in 1962.
Real Madrid won the Champions Cups five times running. Name either of the teams who have won the Champions Cup three times running.
Name the only French team to win the Champions Cup, in 1993.
Name the team that has won the Champions Cup a record nine times
. Name the first British team to win the Champions Cup, in 1967.
Name the player who holds the all time goal scoring Champions Cup record with 71 goals scored between 1995-2011.
Name the manager who guided Nottingham Forest to two Champions Cup wins in 1979 and '80.
Name the team defeated 7-3 by Real Madrid in the Champions Cup Final of 1960.
Name the team Manchester United played in the Champions Cup quarter-finals prior to the Munich Air Disaster in 1958.
Name either of the English teams who have reached the Champions Cup semi-final but have never appeared in a final.
Name either of the two managers to win the Champions Cup with teams from two different countries.
Name the Scottish team who reached the semi-finals of the Champions Cup in 1956.
Name the only manager to manage a team to three Champions Cup Final victories.
Name any team who have played in a single Champions Cup Final and won.
Name the Scottish city that has produced two losing Champions Cup semi-finalists, in 1963 and 1984.
Name the team that has the second highest total of Champions Cup wins, seven.
Name either of the only two teams who have a 100% record in the Champions Cup Final, both winning their two finals.
Name any player who has scored a hat-trick in a Champions Cup Final.
Name the country that has provided a record five different teams to have won the Champions Cup.
Name any team who have won the Champions Cup twice running since the beginning of the Champions League era in 1992-93.
Name either of the teams who have appeared in two Champions Cup Finals and lost them both.
Name any country that has provided both teams for a Champions Cup Final.

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