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QuestionName, event, person etc
Who did Bobby Fischer defeat to win the World Chess Championship in 1972?
Who was the only English Pope?
'Papa Doc' was President of which country?
Name the native American John Rolfe married in 1614
Bob Ford shot who?
Nelson lost which arm and which eye?
Martha Jane Burke is commonly known as who?
What were King George V's last words?
Who wrote about a fictional country called Utopia?
The line 'Now is the winter of our discontent' comes from which Shakespeare play?
In what year did SS Titanic sink?
Who is commonly known as Buffalo Bill?
Who wrote 'The Beggar's Opera' in 1728?
The infamous Five Points was a district in which US city?
What was the pirate Blackbeard's real name?
Istanbul used to be called what?
Hansen's Disease is another name for...?
In the Old West, what was a 'prairie schooner'?
Bob Hope was born in which country?
Umberto II was the last king of which country?
Which Roman Emperor is known as 'Little Boots'?
Lhasa is the capital of which formerly independent country?
Highwayman Dick Turpin was hung in which city?
Who was Charles II's favourite mistress?
The Reign of Terror happened in which country?
QuestionName, event, person etc
Who founded Xanadu?
Galileo discovered the moons of which planet?
Who is also known as the Maid of Orleans?
What's missing? Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and....?
Out of 32, how many enemy ships did the British sink or capture at Trafalgar?
What was the nickname of Otto von Bismarck?
Over which present day country did the Mughal emperors rule?
Who was King Richard I's Islamic antagonist in the Third Crusade?
Who staged the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich 1923
Name the English poet allegedly killed in a brawl in 1593
Leon Czolgosz assassinated which American President?
By what other name is the Society of Jesus known?
What was the name of the German cypher machine used in WWII?
Who killed Lee Harvey Oswald?
Who held the world long jump record 1935-60?
On which island was Napoleon born?
Karl Marx was born in which country?
Name either of the two British PM's who fought a duel.
Who invented a seed drill in 1701?
What's missing? Ulster, Munster, Connaught......?
What is Mick Jagger's real Christian name?
The Cornhusker State is a nickname for which state?
In which city did Mahatma Gandhi train as a lawyer?
What is the name of the sea-cook in Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island'?
In which country is Timbuktu?

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